Take Up Woodworking This Year

February 22nd, 2021 by

an overhead view of woodworking tools

If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding hobby, consider taking up woodworking this year. Woodworking can be as simple as carving figurines or as complicated as making your own furniture, and you can get started today with a few basic tools and pieces of wood.

Acquire Your Tools

For most people, it’s best to start small and gradually scale up with woodworking tools – figuratively and literally. Try starting with just a few cutting and carving tools before jumping into the expensive realm of table saws, lathes, and other costly machinery. This way, if woodworking doesn’t end up taking root for you, you won’t be out thousands of dollars in tools and equipment only to have them gather dust. Plus, starting with more basic tools will help you really get a good grip on the basics of woodworking before you attempt to move on to more advanced methods and projects.

Take An Online Class

There are so many skill-sharing websites, YouTube tutorials, and social media accounts dedicated to teaching various hobbies, including woodworking. If you’re a visual learner, these tools could prove invaluable for you as you begin to learn woodworking, as you’ll easily be able to find content to teach you the basics of woodworking as well as many beginner, intermediate, and advanced projects as you hone your skills.

Choose The Right Wood

High-quality wood can come at a steep price, so try to start out with less expensive woods such as pine or poplar while you get your woodworking bearings. When you’re ready to work on projects with more stakes, cherry and maple are always exquisite choices.

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Set Reasonable Expectations

You won’t be able to build a dining room table overnight, but you may be able to carve a few figurines, forks, or spoons in your first few attempts! Be patient with yourself as you continue in this hobby, and remember that any skill takes time to learn. Some people spend their entire lives learning fine woodworking techniques, so don’t worry if you never get around to making furniture or huge projects. As long as woodworking relaxes you and brings you joy, that’s all that matters.

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