Don’t Miss Out On The Popular Ruff Tuesdays

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If you love your dog as much as most people do, then you probably want to take him or her with you just about everywhere you go. But there are so many places where your fluffy friend just isn’t welcome. Well, if you want to go get drinks, there isn’t a reason why you should have to leave your dog at home. That’s the case if you check out Caboose Tavern for Ruff Tuesdays, that is. This extended happy hour lets you bring your dog along, so you can grab a few drinks while you hang out with your furry best friend.

Get the Details

Ruff Tuesdays happen every Tuesday at Caboose Tavern here in Vienna, Virginia. It begins at 4 p.m., and you can hang out there until 9 p.m. That makes it a great place to stop after work if you want to grab a few drinks while you spend time with the cutest pups in town.

Get Your Friends Together

You can always check out Ruff Tuesdays on your own, but why not invite your other dog-loving friends with you? It’s a great chance to socialize with other dog lovers, and your pup might even make a new friend.

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Make It a Tradition

Since this event happens every Tuesday evening, you can easily make it into a tradition. And when you know you get to look forward to grabbing a drink and hanging out with dogs at the start of every week, it will make Mondays a lot easier to handle.

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