Bake Up A Batch Of These Scrummy Scones

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Several scone stacked on a porcelain plate with ramekins filled with raspberry jam and clotted cream.

Scones are the U.K. cousin to American biscuits, albeit sweeter. Making scones at home is just as easy as whipping up homemade biscuits and it yields equally delicious results! Give these scrumptious scones a try this weekend!

Classic English Scones

This recipe comes from The Bon Bonerie bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio, where it has been served for over 30 years! Developed with one of the bakery’s first employees who hailed from England, this classic English scone recipe is moist, tender, and incredibly easy to make! As written, the recipe is for raisin scones, but you can easily substitute the raisins for any other dried fruit, fresh fruit, or even a tablespoon of your favorite citrus zest. These scones are particularly scrummy with some raspberry jam!

Orange Cream Scones

With these orange cream scones, you can practically have an orange creamsicle for breakfast! These scones get their flavor from orange zest and orange flower water or orange juice and an extra orange glaze on top packs even more sweet citrus flavor in! If you’re going to make these scones ahead of time, save the glaze until just before you’re ready to eat to keep the scones from getting soggy.

Savory Cheese And Green Onion Scones

Savory scones are one of the most versatile pastries you can whip up! They’re delightful at breakfast, lunch, or dinner as an appetizer or an accompaniment to soup. This recipe calls for mixing gruyere cheese, prosciutto, and green onions into the scone dough, but you can always substitute for whatever you have on hand. As these scones are savory, they have far less sugar (just two tablespoons) than sweet scones, but you can always cut that down if you’re worried they will still be too sweet.

How To Make Scones Ahead Of Time

Scones are best when they’re eaten fresh out of the oven, or at least on the same day that they were baked. If you’re prepping your scones several days ahead of when you’ll need them, freeze them! After you cut the scones, place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze them for about 30 minutes, or until they’re solid. Once the scones have frozen, place them in a freezer bag for more compact storage and store them for up to three months!

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Scone Accoutrements

Curious about what to serve with your scones? Jam and clotted cream are traditional, but clotted cream can be tricky to track down here in the States because of pasteurization requirements. For a substitution, whipped cream mixed with a little mascarpone will do just the trick!

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